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After losing X my life was spiraling downward. It didn't help that my best friend (who was like my second sister) was also drifting from me because of a new boyfriend, who I did not get along with. To say I was beyond lonely was an understatement. I felt like I had no one. That feeling of sadness made it impossible to concentrate on anything and therefore I was constantly in and out of school changing my mind as to what my career/life's path should be.

I've been in school for many different things and never really finishing any of them. I have my Bachelor's in Psychology. Was in school to continue on to get my Master's but dropped that. I was in school to obtain my Bachelor's/Master's in Occupational Therapy. That was a very fun program and that is one I will regret leaving. I got a Medical Assisting/Phlebotomy Certificate. At least I finished that but it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do with my life, although I had no clue what I wanted to pursue. I've been in an RN program, a Surgical Tech program, even a Physical Therapy Assistant program, although that was very brief. My last pursuit was an Associate degree as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I only had one year left of that program, that was another one I wish I would have stuck with.

My loneliness and sadness affected my mind in such a negative way that I became so indecisive with everything. I even joined the Military but, you guessed it, didn't stay. Only finished Basic Training. It was a moment of very much uncertainty in my life. My feelings consumed me, they consumed my thoughts, my mind, which in turn affected my actions and ability to make clear decisive decisions.

After a long while of struggling I slowly but surely came out of my depression. I began to work on myself, my health, and well being. Once I began to do that and started to grow into a better place in my life things started turning around for me....

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