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First love

Throughout my life I've had people come and go, you'd think after a certain point it would get easier but for me it never has. Luckily my family has been my one constant and I was blessed with loving and supportive parents who are always there for me. However the instability of other presence in my life has made my insecurities increase the more it happens, especially when it's someone who I wanted in my life forever...

Alot of people find their first love (or what they believe is love at the time) when they are in their early teens but that wasn't the case for me. Im a late bloomer in that category. But when I was 18 I found him (we'll call him X for future reference). I had started a part time job in the restaurant at a hotel in my Hometown. I fell hard, he consumed my thoughts. He was my first for every relationship experience. It was as if him and I connected on a level that no one else ever could. He knew what I was thinking even without me saying a word. We would spend hours and hours talking on the phone. I have a hard time opening up to people but not with him.

I've experienced many highs and lows with him over the course of 10 years (on and off). I experienced the best points of my life with him but also the worse. Overtime we began to argue. Most of the arguments were from either miscommunication or from his lack of commitment. I wanted more. I wanted

my whole life with him and have a family. Him on the other hand... Well......stay tuned.

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