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About me...

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hello! This is my first time ever writing a blog and at this very moment I am shocked that I am doing so. If you have stumbled to my page then we connect in some way, whether you've experienced heartbreak, pain, or even depression to even discovering yourself and your purpose. Or maybe you're in between or going through the process because it is just that. It's a process of highs and lows and a repeated cycle before you can fully achieve what psychologist call self actualization. I'm not fully there yet myself but decided to start this journey to help me reach my purpose and to help others who are experiencing similar feelings. A little about me, Im 34, I'm a dog mom to the cutest Shihtzu named Jax, and I have a bachelors in Psychology. I have had many disappointments in my life, and set backs, the main one being heartbreak. That will be a post for another day. I just wanted to introduce myself and what my page is all about. Stay tuned for more!!

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