Learning from Life's setbacks

A look Into finding meaning in Life's setbacks, from heartbreak to disappointment. The road to self discovery, & self love. Finding a passion and purpose in life. Learning how powerful the mind is & how to always have hope.

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After losing X my life was spiraling downward. It didn't help that my best friend (who was like my second sister) was also drifting from...

First heartbreak

Remember how I wanted more from X? I wanted a future with him but did he want the same? I wish, at the time, I could say he wanted the...

First love

Throughout my life I've had people come and go, you'd think after a certain point it would get easier but for me it never has. Luckily my...

About me...

Hello! This is my first time ever writing a blog and at this very moment I am shocked that I am doing so. If you have stumbled to my page...


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